Oil & Gas Careers 

Finding a job in the Oil & Gas industry is not easy. If you are new to the industry, 99% of the time, your resume and e-mail will not even be read by the recruiters. That's because most of them receive hundred of applications every day, and they look only at the ones that match what they are looking for. 

We are here to help you ! We developed a guidebook which will give you all the information to be in the 1% who get considered. It contains: 

  • A database of more than 300 companies to give you direct access to the companies that recruit NOW. 
  • All the information you need to apply for the right offshore job, that will match your aspirations, experience, education. 
  • Proven and efficient techniques to write a resume and motivation letter / e-mail that will be picked up by the recruiters every time. 
  • And last but not least, we will teach you how to negotiate your salaries and working conditions, to make sure you get paid what you deserve !! 

And if you are not satisfied with our guide, we will give you your money back + 10% ! 

Important: To use the 'Oil & Gas Careers 2013', you will need a PC running under Windows and Adobe Acrobat Reader XI. Click on the logo to download it: 
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